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Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW

Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW - the longer the home design semain many, it adjusts the desire of many people who do not want the same home designs with others but still maintaining the comfort, in a blog Home Design Company we will discuss a lot of home designs ranging from simple to luxurious, well now we will discuss the suit you're looking for is Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW we gather information from many sources that presented complete for you:

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8a6b2  Apartment Gdynia Poland living room 500x562 Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW decorating
Located on the south coast of the Baltic Sea, Apartment Gdynia in Poland is a modern day dream house with equal parts futuristic and minimalist design and style. Produced by the company MSWW, this one particular-bedroom apartment is glossy and bold with lustrous finishes during.
8a6b2  Apartment Gdynia Poland modern fireplace 500x343 Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW decorating
Enjoying upon the client’s favourite shade, particular decor and accents reflect orange in a statement chair, cubed ottomans, throw pillows, even the fruit itself within a bowl in the kitchen. Otherwise, the predominant palette is vivid white and black.
8a6b2  Apartment Gdynia Poland kitchen 500x312 Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW decorating
The shared room of kitchen-residing-dining rooms are bathed in white–smooth walls and wood floors, as nicely as flat cabinetry. Lacquered created-ins give ample storage and perform, while the swirling tone-on-tone design on the entertainment wall is very unique. An elongated substantial-gloss black panel keeps the tv discreet, although an ethanol fireplace ignites off to 1 side supplying a striking dramatic effect.
8a6b2  Apartment Gdynia Poland lights 500x312 Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW decorating
What is so fantastical is the recessed circular ceiling with LED lighting. In truth, this lighting also appears on the perimeter of the major ceiling making a amazing ambiance for the area. The mood lighting was created to modify accordingly from blue to green to orange (of course!) to pink and so on. A shiny silver chandelier with mercury-like orbs is suspended from the center of this round ceiling inset.
5e663  Apartment Gdynia poland home office  500x343 Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW decorating
Furnishings are spare and consist of a white leather sofa, a mod orange upholstered chair and a white 2-tiered coffee table sitting upon a black rug which appears as if it is dappled with cosmic stars. The views from this principal residing location are stunning, expanding out in the direction of the Baltic Sea and over the horizon. Window sills adorned with seat cushions let for maximum visual enjoyment from this present day dream apartment high above the ocean. A modest house office off this zone is light-filled and masculine with a black-and-white desk, sofa and animal hide rug.
5e663  Apartment Gdynia Poland wallpaper 500x343 Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW decorating
The bedroom is a soothing room, in grey and white with ruby red statements. The floral wall covering contributes a quaint feel which transitions into sleek as soon as you phase into the ensuite bathroom. An opaque glass partition wall separates the sleeping area from the bathroom, which is resplendent with LED lighting which also finds its way into the tub. A modular white towel heater adds a sculptural component to the space.
5e663  Apartment Gdynia Poland bathroom 500x562 Apartment Gdynia – Poland by MSWW decorating
Apartment Gdynia is an oceanfront modern dream flat with a room-age vibe and ultra-contemporary layout.

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