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Wood Lamps Lightning Designs For an Unique Way To Light Your Home

Wood Lamps Lightning Designs For an Unique Way To Light Your Home - the longer the home design semain many, it adjusts the desire of many people who do not want the same home designs with others but still maintaining the comfort, in a blog Home Design Company we will discuss a lot of home designs ranging from simple to luxurious, well now we will discuss the suit you're looking for is Wood Lamps Lightning Designs For an Unique Way To Light Your Home we gather information from many sources that presented complete for you:

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Wood lamps seems like a crazy idea, but if done correctly the results are amazing. The designers at Passion 4 Wood are the masters of this art. Their imagination and ingeniousness of using wood to create lighting lamps are astonishing. I will present you some of their greatest designs and you can inspire from them or contact them directly if you have some ideas for a wood based lightning solution.

1. Limulus Collection

The light patterns that are projected on the wall are the main eye-popping effect that this wood lamp has.
The design is rounded and the light bulbs are inside the wood lamp, and light comes trough the several thin cuts made around the lamp
The Limulus lamp can be hanged vertically or horizontally.
If you view it from below you will see the areas from where the light comes and the light bulbs inside.

2. Lora Collection

The design of Lora wood lamp is inspired from paper curving. The wood outside has a dark grey shade, and the inside part is the color of natural dark wood.
Here is an example on how the lamps look inside a home. As you can see they blend perfectly with the room design, they provide plenty of light on the table and as a plus the light projects also on the ceiling, making some beautiful patterns on it.
This close-up shows how strong the light is and how the lamps look when viewed from below.

3. Lotus Collection

The Lotus line is at it's best when used with multiple lamps, only than this wood designs shows their true face.
As you can see, when the lamps are turned of doesn't look like much
Only when you turn several Lotus wood lamps on you will see the beauty. Here is an example o 9 Lotus lamps mounted on the ceiling of an restaurant. As you can see the patters that are projected on the ceiling are unique. 
The wood lamps in Lotus collection are not designed for emitting bright light, they are more of an decorative piece for and large room, like an restaurant or hallway.
Here is another example, with using only 3 lotus lamps, sadly this room is too bright and the patterns projected on the ceiling are not as visible as they should.

4. Tulip Lamp

This tulip design is appropriated for an office room, or for an normal home. The holes in the lamp lets the light escape and be projected on the walls and ceiling, giving an exquisite look to the room.
It will blend into any room, especially if you have other wood items in the room, like a table for example.
The tulip wood lamp can also be mounted into a hallway, like the one in this picture. Here it is mounted just above the door, and the confined space brings out the beautiful patterns that the lamp makes on the walls.

5. Helix Collection

The Helix lamp is really unique. It has a spiral design and it is made for an stair case. As you can see it is 3 storeys tall and it lights the spiral stair case in this house.
The light is coming out trough the needle tears in the lamp, which are cut into a spiral.
Viewed from above, the helix wood lamp shows how impressing the design is.

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