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Jubilee Furniture weekly

Jubilee Furniture weekly - the longer the home design semain many, it adjusts the desire of many people who do not want the same home designs with others but still maintaining the comfort, in a blog Home Design Company we will discuss a lot of home designs ranging from simple to luxurious, well now we will discuss the suit you're looking for is Jubilee Furniture weekly we gather information from many sources that presented complete for you:

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JFC 10-23-14 068JFC 10-23-14 069JFC 10-23-14 071JFC 10-23-14 072
Wow! Unlike last week when I gave a progress report on the build-out at the store where most of the work had been structural and not obvious to the average Joe – this week exterior walls are up and you can see how things will eventually look! We’re all super excited at the thought of both more showroom and warehouse space!
I have over 70 photos to share with you – so will dispense with my normal chit-chat – other than to share a bad sales line I heard yesterday.
I’d stopped to get gas and there were some guys outside selling a non-wash cleaner for your car. One of them approached me and my 2001 Mazda MPV van (which has served me well but seen better days) and I listened to his spiel and then said, “No, thank you.” He responded, “But what about your kids and grandkids?” I just smiled and shook my head but the more I’ve thought about it – was he implying I looked old enough to have GRANDCHILDREN WHO WOULD BE DRIVING AND HAVE CARS THAT NEEDED CLEANING? Sir – I would suggest that is never a good sales line even if I looked old enough to have GREAT-GRANDKIDS who drove. You’re welcome.
Onto photos of SOME of what’s currently in our inventory. Remember, the Furniture Gallery is another option for reviewing furniture in the store!
JFC 10-23-14 002JFC 10-23-14 003JFC 10-23-14 004JFC 10-23-14 007
let’s start with an absolutely gorgeous walnut table w/1 leaf from Room & Board (handcrafted in Vermont and signed by the artist). Priced $1,265. There’s a small notch in the wood (see second to last photo)
JFC 10-23-14 005JFC 10-23-14 006JFC 10-23-14 009JFC 10-23-14 010
we received three of these wood trimmed upholstered chairs from Belmont Village – clean lines and in good condition – priced $45 each
JFC 10-23-14 011JFC 10-23-14 012
beautiful square, granite and iron coffee table for $245
JFC 10-23-14 013JFC 10-23-14 014
this high back loveseat has different, but complimentary material on the seat – also donated from Belmont Village and priced $50. I think this would look fabulous in an entry (and there’s another one further down)
JFC 10-23-14 015JFC 10-23-14 016
wonderful brown-ish comfy loveseat for $75
JFC 10-23-14 017JFC 10-23-14 018
this is a fantastic, massive oval black marble coffee table (measure 6’6” x 4’) with an iron base – priced $690. It’s hard to see the beautiful marble in these photos since the windows are reflecting in it’s shiny surface (but trust me, it’s amazing!)
JFC 10-23-14 020JFC 10-23-14 021
wonderful two piece Room & Board sectional – part of their Reese collection – priced $765 (retails for $2,498 and does need to be cleaned but otherwise in good condition)
JFC 10-23-14 022JFC 10-23-14 023
this is probably the coolest standing mirror I’ve ever seen. Metal frame with lovely detail. Priced $75
JFC 10-23-14 024JFC 10-23-14 025
gorgeous secretary priced $195
JFC 10-23-14 026JFC 10-23-14 027
this smaller three seat sofa is in mint condition! Love the peach sherbet color! Priced a mere $45
JFC 10-23-14 028JFC 10-23-14 029
the donor told me this is an old teacher’s desk. Love it! Priced $185 (but it must be a STANDING teacher’s desk ‘cause I don’t know how you’d get your legs underneath)
JFC 10-23-14 030JFC 10-23-14 031JFC 10-23-14 032JFC 10-23-14 033
lovely oak coffee table w/2 baskets priced $75; matching end table for $50 (and there’s only the one)
JFC 10-23-14 034JFC 10-23-14 035
here’s another fabulous loveseat in great condition. Priced $125
JFC 10-23-14 036JFC 10-23-14 037
comfy side chair with high arms – priced $75
JFC 10-23-14 038JFC 10-23-14 039
here’s a piece from IKEA – the base is four rounded triangles with a thin mattress-like top (part of their Sulton collection but I don’t see it anywhere on their website now). The top piece is stained (on both sides) – but we got the whole thing priced $25 so someone super creative could have a lot of fun with this!
JFC 10-23-14 040JFC 10-23-14 041JFC 10-23-14 042JFC 10-23-14 043
deep purple (eggplant color) sofa for $75; matching chair for $45 – both in good condition
JFC 10-23-14 044JFC 10-23-14 045
lovely camelback sofa by Hamilton House - in very good condition for $95
JFC 10-23-14 046JFC 10-23-14 047
excellent condition side chair priced $35
JFC 10-23-14 048JFC 10-23-14 049
round glass coffee table with brass base – priced $115
JFC 10-23-14 050JFC 10-23-14 051
there’s something about this small antique four drawer dresser (on wheels) that I love! Priced $65
JFC 10-23-14 052JFC 10-23-14 053
very nice floral wingback chair which is also a recliner! Priced $95
JFC 10-23-14 054JFC 10-23-14 055JFC 10-23-14 056
two matching loveseats – priced $90 each (in good condition) and a matching ottoman for $20
JFC 10-23-14 059JFC 10-23-14 060JFC 10-23-14 061
here’s an oak pedestal table with one leaf and four chairs which is similar to a set I showed you last week (but not the same and that set already sold). This one is in excellent condition and priced $185
JFC 10-23-14 062JFC 10-23-14 063
here’s the second tall back loveseat with different material on the seat cushions which was donated by Belmont Village (with is a very nice retirement community in Carol Stream)  - and is also priced $50
JFC 10-23-14 064JFC 10-23-14 065
the fabric on this brown sofa is showing some wear but overall in good condition and priced $65
JFC 10-23-14 066JFC 10-23-14 067
entry or mudroom storage bench with hooks. Love! Priced $75
It’s possible my prickly reaction to an innocent comment about grandkids (and for the record – I am a granny to my daughter’s amazing dog, Riker – and though he’s smart I don’t see him ever getting his driver’s license or driving a car) is due to the fact that today’s my birthday and, according to my husband, I am now in my “late fifties.” At 56 – I think I’m still MID-fifties.
Wouldn’t you agree, dear reader?

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