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How To Organize Your Home

How To Organize Your Home - the longer the home design semain many, it adjusts the desire of many people who do not want the same home designs with others but still maintaining the comfort, in a blog Home Design Company we will discuss a lot of home designs ranging from simple to luxurious, well now we will discuss the suit you're looking for is How To Organize Your Home we gather information from many sources that presented complete for you:

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Many of us have dreams of the organization, but the very thought of the organization is overwhelming. So where do you start? 

To organize an area, you must first go through. There is no need to re-position, when in fact all you need is a good sort through. 

This is a process in 7 easy steps to use for each room in the house: 

- Choose a location 
- Write down your goal 
- Sort by each element 
- Decide if you want to donate, sell, hold, or pull you do not want 
- Clean the area 
- To organize and put everything in its designated spot 
- Donate / Sell / Toss / Fix 

Here's an example of where to start: 

Choose Location: Closet 

Objective: Get rid of what I do not have to organize myself and drawers 

Sort: Questions to ask about each piece of clothing: 

- Is it adequate? 
- Do you use it? 
- Do you like and enjoy using it? 
- Do you need to solve this problem? 


* Have 2 boxes 

- Garbage Box / Bag 

1 collared shirts - missing buttons? How to adapt? 
2 Swimsuits - Are they too small? Too big? 
3 T - Have you all of them? Spots? 
4 long sleeves - are too small? Lying? 
5 Jeans - Save yourself a few pairs when you lose weight? Only one of them have holes? In general, do not match? 
6 Sweat - Did you all of them? 
7 Exercise Pants / Shorts - Have you not use them all? Or do you just use them because they are an option? 
Tops 8 - tense? Faded? Stained? 
9 Dresses - Do they fit? Why would you wear? Will you ever have a chance like this? Is it a versatile dress? 
10 Socks - Are holes? Are they worn? Do you have too many pairs? 
11 Indoor / Arm - Is it tense? Gate? Itchy? 
12 Belts - either they conducted? 
13 Shoes - Worn? Even in shape? Do they squeak? Sale? 

Clean the area, cleaning of shelves and drawers. Empty if necessary 

Now that you have gone through all your property, now is the time to get organized, but where to start? 

A. You can easily organize all your items in your closet or drawers, drawer using a 4-6 system. 
B. Organize drawers worn most prominent (if you know what you use most often have to go next time to organize!) Elements 

1 Take all items that you put on hangers. Sort by type: 
A. made ​​shirts 
B. Sweaters 
C. Pants 
D. Dresses 

2 T / shirts with short sleeves 
A. put them in a stack - either put them on a shelf or in a drawer side (which should not take an entire drawer). 
B. Put all your short-sleeved shirts in the drawer, so 
C ** FOR YOUR SHIRTS - Fold as usual, but then fold in half again so that you can put in a drawer as a "file". This allows you to see all the jerseys you own, simply by pulling the drawer 

3 Long Sleeve 
A. put in a drawer when not hang 

4 Tops 
A. bend over backwards and perhaps combined with shirts or shorts with long sleeves year 

5 Jeans 
A battery in a battery or put them in a drawer side
B. On the other hand, puts tracksuit 

6 Shorts 
A. Put it in a drawer 
B. You can also put your pants in the drawer, so 

7 Socks / swimwear / sleepwear 
A. They fold in half, then in half again (to avoid losing a sock) and vertically align 
B. On the other side - swimwear carefully folded (in games) and night 

8 Indoor / Arm 
A. You can choose to fold your underwear or not - to put on one side of the drawer 
B. On the other side - Bras (cups fold together spinning center) and sports bras also aligns well 

9 Belts 
A. Wait a nail 
B. Or ... put on the bar in the closet, so when you need to catch one, it just slides off the bar 

10 Scarves 
A. Hang on a hanger 

11 Shoes 
A. Invest in a shoe rack if you can. Line them up and the key is to put them away when you take them off! 

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